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More infill coming to South Street, this time (we hope) minus the heated neighborhood drama

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With the recently publicized neighbor/developer feud escalating over the vacant lot at 1701 South Street — now visually enhanced by fresh graffiti at the site (above) — you’re likely to think one of two things: “Dear Lord, developers are trampling over residents and ruining their home values,” or “For Pete’s sake, at this rate South Street will never get filled in.” If it’s the latter that’s gnawing your brain, think positive about all the other projects that are slated to break ground. South Star Lofts, at the site of the former community garden on Broad Street, is expected to commence any week now, while 1612-16 South should get started in March, according to Ori Feibush of OCF Realty.


Will 1701’s graffiti wall eventually match this?

And now yet another empty parcel is about to enter the fray. The owners of 1110-1112 South St., currently a gravel parking lot, will present their plans to the Zoning Board of Adjustment to build eight residential units on the site. Presumably, these will be condominiums that resemble the units on the north side of the block, only a fair bit taller — 41 feet, in fact. The site is currently zoned for first-floor commercial, but the zoning notice makes no mention of mixed residential/retail use. The notice also refers to a rear yard space, without addressing on-site parking.

We’re not sure how the neighbors behind the site have responded to the proposed height and density — hopefully, someone at Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition can fill us in. We’ll know for certain come Wednesday, February 20, when the ZBA hearing is set to be held.


Written by cwmote

January 31, 2013 at 10:10 pm