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Uh, is this thing on?

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Inaugural Post:

The first impulse I have, putting down these words, is to avoid beginning things with “I”. Usually, when one writes a diary, narrative strategy doesn’t matter, but I am trying a different course. I, for lack of a better subject, am taking my most esteemed thoughts and word quirks and making them available to an outside audience. Many are the diarists, all young romantics of course, who secretly want posterity to find their most intimate written volumes which they could otherwise never hope to present to the neglectful world. Now, with the electronic age, modesty seems to become the aspiring online writer when any anonymous soul can access his live journal. That’s right: blogging. ‘Tis a word so fresh, so widely accepted as a member of the language, even though my word processor’s Spellcheck doesn’t recognize it. (By some bizarre irony, it doesn’t recognize Spellcheck, either, even with a capital. Who’s to be held responsible for not getting with the millennium? The word processor, or some other company that directly licenses this program-within-a-program? But enough for one day. And no, don’t ask what word processor I have.)

By establishing this sequence of paragraphs as the first germ of a blog, what expectations am I setting for this and for myself? From one angle, I could be entering an already well crowded marketplace of ideas, the never-ending conversation of Kenneth Burke’s imagining that one joins into like it were an intense debate at a pub. From another angle, I could be redirecting the attention of such a sphere of thought so that the metaphoric arrows will deflect off of my web noggin, or perhaps, swim around its perimeter as I absorb my newfound attention and reveal to the world what a talent I am. However I approach this action in progress, I must maintain a strong self-consciousness and compose myself as one who is in the company of strangers, other guests whose brilliance may outshine mine or whose insults may bind my hands and feet before I can take another step–phooey on banal metaphors; make it another keystroke–into this daunting network of opinionators. (Natch, the Spellchecker paints another red wiggle under that one.)

Having resisted a public identity in cyberspace for time out of mind, I have chosen to found this weblog as a home page for myself. Why? Because I have been testing the waters for several years now, observing the passing of every latest online craze, and now the time seems right for it. This blog will serve as a collection of my ruminations on a wide range of topics, of which I hope to reveal more as I get this off the ground. It will not be exclusively about “I”…er, about me. Yet in writing about what interests me, pieces of my life are sure to appear now and then. I am treating this as a low-key event, but over the course of time it will be interesting to see how and where it all started.

Happy reading.


Written by cwmote

December 29, 2009 at 2:48 am

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    December 29, 2009 at 2:48 am

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